I understand that our prospective students and offer holders may have concerns about the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Please be reassured that the health and well being of our students is our absolute priority

    We are optimistic and on course to begin the 2022-22 academic year as usual in October.  At LSDA we are in a fortunate position of being a small school with small class sizes.  This puts us in a much better position to function safely than if we were a university or a bigger school with a large student population and greater class sizes.

    As a small independent school, we are in the unique position to be able to quickly and smoothly redesign or make alterations to our programmes to adapt to changing situations ensuring that students have a full and complete training.

    The past couple of years have been a challenging time for all, and I am sure there are still challenges ahead.  At LSDA I have been pleased that we have so far successfully managed to fulfil the training needs of all our students, on all our courses.  For the graduating years of 2020 and 2021 this has meant that different solutions were needed for different courses. 

    Whenever there was a lockdown we rescheduled many weeks of training on all our courses so that we minimised the amount of training that was completed online, this lost time was added to the end of the respective courses so no training was sacrificed.  In 2020 all productions that were due to happen in May and June were rescheduled to a time when we could safely go back into the theatre. All decisions I am pleased to say were made in agreement with students on each individual course.  In 2021 all productions were held in theatre with audiences as normal.

    Obviously LSDA, like every other organisation in the world, cannot predict what will happen in the future with this pandemic and so we cannot guarantee 100% that training will not be affected over the coming year. These times are unprecedented.  What I can say, beyond being confident that we can make it work, is that I can promise that you will be provided with a training that is no less than any other year that has attended our school.  We will use our imaginations and flexibility to ensure the correct solutions are offered.  Training in person is the priority and we are committed to ensure that all, or at the very least the majority of all, classes will take place in person and not virtually.

    We look forward to seeing you soon and providing you with an excellent training experience.

    Until then stay safe and keep positive.

    Jake Taylor, LSDA Principal

    We offer a number of courses at LSDA to suit a variety of levels of experience. We currently offer 1 year full time courses in acting (Advanced and Foundation Level), a 2 year part time Diploma in Acting courses, Summer short courses and Sunday acting workshops.

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