Do you have a secret ambition to be an actor? Have you been told you are a natural performer? Perhaps you want to improve your confidence and find a creative outlet to balance the stress of your work life. Maybe you have some experience already but would like to refresh your skills. It is also a great opportunity to continue your learning and gain new techniques. Whatever your past experience is, our Sunday classes will enable you to have a weekly creative outlet without breaking the bank.

There are 2 levels on this programme: Level 1 and Level Plus. Each level consists of 6 weekly 3.5 hour workshops given on Sundays. Level Plus is a development from Level 1, and students need to complete this first level before moving on to Level Plus .

Students should attend all classes in the level that they are completing. If more than four classes are missed the level would have to be repeated at the cost of the student.  Level Plus can be taken as many times as you wish as it is designed around the participants’ ability and individual development needs.

Our students are all from very different walks of life creating a unique and inspiring creative environment.

These classes are run by our team of professional actors and directors who use their experience to develop your talents.

The course runs four times a year with start dates in January, April, July and October. Classes take place at 4 Bute Street, South Kensington, London, the nearest underground station is South Kensington.


Take a look at our ‘ACCESS TO ACTING – ACT101 Factsheet’ to find out more about the ACT101 course offered at LSDA:
ACCESS TO ACTING – ACT101 – Factsheet- 2023/24


The total cost for the course is £125 per Level.
Each level consists of 20 hours of training given in weekly workshops on Sundays for a period of 5 or 6 weeks.

The full £125 must be paid before the start of the course to ensure the place is confirmed.


ACT 101 Booking Form:
LSDA_Access Booking Form 2024