What to Expect

We offer a number of courses at LSDA to suit a variety of levels of experience. We currently offer:

At LSDA students are trained in all aspects of acting, with an emphasis on the skills required by the profession today. Our courses aim to provide a solid foundation on which students can build their future careers as professional actors.

Our student numbers are kept small so that you are given individual attention to develop to your full potential.

Our goal is for you to become a skilled and inventive performer. The LSDA programmes are designed to be challenging, where experienced teachers give honest and practical feedback to develop each student’s creative potential.

LSDA’s aim is to give you the best chance of making a career for yourself in the industry by encouraging your passion while giving you skills to think as a professional actor.

To get the most out of our courses students need to come to the training with an open mind, courageous attitude and steadfast discipline. You need to have limitless passion, a desire to explore your individual creativity, be prepared to challenge yourself and raise your personal stakes in and out of the classroom.

Yoshi Oida says:

“When I speak about self-learning I am not talking about an intellectual program of training, rather a general openness and willingness to move onwards. It is responsiveness, not rigidity. Openness is the key to understanding one’s inner and outer life, one’s physical and mental apparatus; openness is committing oneself to learning and struggling with the complicated techniques needed to become ‘invisible.'”

Peter Brook says:

“In everyday life, ‘If’ is a fiction, in the theatre ‘if’ is an experiment.
In everyday life, ‘if’ is an evasion, in the theatre ‘if’ is the truth.
When we are persuaded to believe in this truth, then the theatre and life are one.
This is the high aim. It sounds like hard work.
To play needs much work. But when we experience the work as play, then it is not work any more.
A play is play.”

At LSDA you will be treated as a professional and will be expected to behave as a professional. Students at the school are obliged, without exception, to attend all classes and rehearsals.