David Game College Group

The David Game College Group is a diverse group of Colleges and educational establishments that offer courses within the UK and abroad. Within the UK, the individual Colleges of the Group all have interdependence with each other and some students studying at one of our Colleges may do another part-time in extra curricular course at another College of the Group. The Colleges of the Group run a wide variety of courses, preparing students for public examinations (including HND, BA and Masters courses), as well as the Colleges’ own Diplomas, including film, theatre, business, photography and publishing.

David Game, the Group Chairman, takes a close personal interest in all the Colleges and regularly visits and offers advice on curricular development and implementation. Many of the courses take place in the evenings, which attract a considerable number of professional people who wish to enhance their careers or simply learn for fun.

The David Game College Group consists of the following Colleges:

David Game College is validated by Department for Education and Skills (DfES).